US Socialist speaks on – Can American workers build alternative?

20 10 2008


Students in Bangor vote to fight fees

17 10 2008
  • Campaign to Defeat Fees wins support from Tommy Sheridan and Bangor Students Union

After a successful week of campaigning by Socialist Students and other supporters of the Campaign to Defeat Fees, students in Bangor overwhelmingly voted yes to fighting fees – 271 students voted YES, whilst the no campaign only received 104 votes. This shows that a clear majority supporting our policies of opposing ever-increasing student debt and fees. We put forward the need for a mass campaign including a national demonstration.


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Protest against Fees – Thurs 16th Oct

10 10 2008

To read Press Release for the QUB protest click here.

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Dowload and print off posters for the Coleraine Day of Action click here.

QUB Public Meeting:

6 10 2008

Come along to the QUB Socialist Society public meeting on: