Debate: Can capitalism stop climate change?

20 10 2009

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University accommodation scandal

14 10 2009

Students must defend rights

Around 800 first-year students at De Montfort University in Leicester have been forced into hotels around the city after the university ‘ran out of space’ in halls. Many of the students were told that they were guaranteed a place after they applied in May and June but were then informed, some just two days before they were to move in, that they did not in fact have a place and were going to be put into temporary accommodation.

By Becci Heaghney, Leicester Socialist Students

Some students were housed in private accommodation but, as one student told us, the houses were not suitable. There were reports of windows not closing, front doors not opening and boilers being unsafe.

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How can we fight the racist BNP?

3 10 2009

BNP meeting_Layout 1QUB Socialist Society Public Meeting

How can we fight the racist BNP?

1pm Wed 7th Oct
Room 207 PFC

Keep the Racist BNP Off TV!

3 10 2009

Youth Against Racism has organised a protest against the BBC’s invitation to the far-right, racist BNP to participate in Question Time. The protest will take place at 5.30pm on Thursday 15th October outside BBC Broadcasting House, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast.

The BBC have offered the BNP a platform on Question Time. The far-right BNP won 2 seats in the recent European elections. This party is attempting to develop a respectable image, but their core is out-right fascism. Their founder called Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ his ‘Bible’ and Nick Griffin, the current leader, regularly denied the Holocaust.

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