No Future Under Capitalism- Fight for Socialism!

14 09 2010

Capitalism offers no future for young people

The economic crisis which has reverberated around the world in the last three years has demonstrated the true nature of the capitalist system. This crisis was caused by massive speculation by the big banks and finance houses in the global casino known as the stock market, in search of a quick profit. Inevitably, huge bubbles were created which were bound to burst, bringing the house of cards crashing down.
However, it is workers and young people – those whose skills and labour actually create the wealth in society – who have been asked to pay for this crisis time and again. Workers bore the brunt of the global economic downturn, as bosses slashed jobs, pay and conditions in order to protect their profit margins. Now, we are being told we must accept massive austerity measures in order to fund the bail-out of the bankers who caused the crisis! This is being replicated across the world.
The Tory government are currently finalising the details of their huge assault on public spending. It is predicted that this will include £2 billion cuts here, causing up to 40,000 job losses. This is at a time when around 120,000 are already out of work. Despite the posturing of some local politicians, all the main sectarian parties in the Assembly are signed up to the agenda of making ordinary people pay for the crisis. As it becomes clear that there is no recovery on the horizon, mass unemployment is the future facing young people today.
Conditions facing students have never been worse. Most of those ‘lucky’ enough to get into university, despite thousands of places being slashed, can expect to live in poverty in slum housing for the duration of their degree. Working-class students are forced to search for low-paying, part-time jobs just to get by. The average student currently leaves university shackled with £24,000 of debt, and this is likely to climb as the Russell Group (which Queen’s is part of) push for annual fees of £10,000! The quality of education received will be undermined as further cuts bite and elements of the service are privatised. And at the end of it all, the chances of getting a decent job are slim. Currently, 69 people are chasing each graduate-level job.
Workers and young people cannot and will not simply accept this assault on their rights and living standards. We are seeing the beginnings of a fight back, with demonstrations involving millions taking place in Spain, Portugal, France and other countries. In Greece, we have seen 7 general strikes against the government’s austerity measures! Closer to home, small groups of workers – such as those at Visteon, Vestas and Lyndsey Oil Refinery – have taken militant action to defend their interests.
Industrial resistance and demonstrations are crucial in the fight-back, but they must be wedded to a real political alternative. By its very nature, the capitalist system functions to create massive profit for a tiny elite who control the economic levers, and thereby the political levers of our world. This runs entirely contrary to the interests of working-class people.
Capitalism offers nothing but poverty for the majority of people on our planet. This rotten system – which breeds war, environmental destruction, sectarianism and racism – must be done away with. In its place, we stand for a socialist world, where the massive multinationals which dominate our globe, the banks and the crucial sectors of the economy are taken into public ownership. On this basis, the wealth and resources of our world could be used in a democratic and planned way by the mass of working people to meet the needs of everyone on the planet.




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