Open Letter to QUBSU Executive in Wake of Browne Report

13 10 2010


Fight for free education


– Scrap the Browne Report! FOR FREE EDUCATION!

– Build a demonstration on 10th November!

– For a democratic campaign of students and workers!

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The Gown: Joe Higgins MEP makes the case for socialism at QUB

5 10 2010

Joe Higgins MEP Speaks at QUB

On the same day as the Irish government’s announcement that the total cost of bailing out Anglo Irish Bank could reach €34bn (£29bn), Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, Joe Higgins, spoke at Queen’s University on the case for socialism. Higgins said the Irish government and working people face a “stark reality” in the coming months if they are to recover from the current financial crisis. The solidarity of citizens and mobilisation of youth must force an entirely different approach in Ireland.

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No Future Under Capitalism- Fight for Socialism!

14 09 2010

Capitalism offers no future for young people

The economic crisis which has reverberated around the world in the last three years has demonstrated the true nature of the capitalist system. This crisis was caused by massive speculation by the big banks and finance houses in the global casino known as the stock market, in search of a quick profit. Inevitably, huge bubbles were created which were bound to burst, bringing the house of cards crashing down.
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Management Undermine Democracy in QUBSU

14 09 2010

The Socialist Society received an e-mail from David Bradley on 25th June offering stalls at the University open days taking place on 9th and 10th September. After successful participation last year, we quickly responded and received an acceptance from David. We prepared to participate in these events. However, we were informed only a couple of days beforehand that societies were banned from taking part this year.

Democracy Under Threat at QUBSU

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Joe Higgins MEP to Speak in QUB!

13 09 2010


1pm, Thurs 30th Sept, Room 02/013, Peter Froggatt Centre

The Socialist Society is proud to announce that Joe Higgins, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, will be speaking at our opening meeting in Queen’s University this year on ‘Europe in Revolt- The Case for Socialism’.

Joe served 2 terms as member of the Irish parliament for Dublin West, during which he played a leading role in a number of workers’ struggles and became known as the ‘real opposition’ to the Fianna Fail government.

Now a Member of the European Parliament for Dublin, he is playing a similar fighting role in Brussels and Strasbourg, opposing the right-wing, bosses’ agenda of the European Union leadership. He has recently visited Greece, witnessing the mass revolt which is taking place there against the government’s austerity programme.

Joe Higgins to speak at QUB

Debate: Can capitalism stop climate change?

20 10 2009

environment debate 21 oct 09_Layout 1

University accommodation scandal

14 10 2009

Students must defend rights

Around 800 first-year students at De Montfort University in Leicester have been forced into hotels around the city after the university ‘ran out of space’ in halls. Many of the students were told that they were guaranteed a place after they applied in May and June but were then informed, some just two days before they were to move in, that they did not in fact have a place and were going to be put into temporary accommodation.

By Becci Heaghney, Leicester Socialist Students

Some students were housed in private accommodation but, as one student told us, the houses were not suitable. There were reports of windows not closing, front doors not opening and boilers being unsafe.

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