Socialist Society statement on Holylands

24 03 2009

The clashes in the Holylands area on St Patrick’s Day were unfortunate and avoidable. Only a minority of people partaking in the festivities in the area where involved in the smashing of car windows or aggressive behaviour. However the intervention of the police in full riot gear was only ever going to escalate into violent clashes.

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Sri Lanka: The Hidden Gaza

23 03 2009

srilanka-mar-09Sri Lanka:
The Hidden Gaza

200,000 people are currently trapped in a war zone
2,000 people have died in the conflicct including leading journalists and political activists.

QUB Public Meeting:
1pm Wed 25th March
Room 209 PFC

‘End of war’ stores up major new conflicts

By Siritunga Jayasuriya, United Socialist Party (Socialist Society sister group in Sri Lanka)

The understanding given by the Sri Lankan Army-controlled media that the war is almost finished, and the victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is just a matter of time, is the kind of falsehood practiced in all wars. It is, however, pertinent to emphasise that the LTTE is facing defeat in the present phase of the decades-long civil war.

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QUB Socialist Society Public Meeting

16 03 2009


Public Meeting:
After the killings…
Where now for the peace process?

1pm Wed 18th March
Room 209 PFC
All welcome

Massereene shootings show need for socialist alternative

10 03 2009

Socialist Party Statement 9 March, 2009

At a time when the working class in Northern Ireland is suffering record job losses, deep cuts in pay and public services, the perspective raised as a result of the Real IRA’s shooting of soldiers and two workers in Antrim of a possible return to sectarian conflict outlines the utter reactionary role of such attacks.

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Don’t use students as slave labour

5 03 2009

No to the National Internship Scheme

Skills and Universities Secretary John Denham announced in January plans to introduce a National Internship Scheme, which, according to the New Labour government, is designed to provide jobless graduates with up to three months paid work.

 By Ciaran Gallagher, Socialist Society Queens University Belfast

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Dublin UCD Student Union Elections

3 03 2009

benwebIn Late January F.E.E.(Free Education for Everyone) decided to run candidates for the UCD Students’ Union elections in order to ensure that next year’s union leadership is more committed to building a mass movement to fight fees than this year’s.

By Rita Harrold, Socialist Youth UCD

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QUB Socialist Society Public Meeting

2 03 2009

qub-1929-march-09Lessons of the 1929 Crash

Are we entering a new 1930’s?

Come & hear the socialist alternative

1pm Wed 4 March
Room 209
Peter Frogett Centre