The latest on what’s going on in Queen’s University Belfast:

30/11/08 – Students priced out of sports centre
STUDENTS AT Queens University Belfast are incensed at the recent decision of the university to massively raise the physical education centre season membership fee from £100 to £237.

At a time when the university claims to support students pursuing sporting interests and exercise, this decision defies reason. The Socialist spoke to Rowan Hudson, a student at QUB and Socialist Society member. “When I was thinking of applying to Queens I looked at the sports facilities. The brochure claimed ‘The facilities are plentiful and popular, attracting students, student clubs, staff members, graduates and the local community. Whatever your interest in sports and recreation, you are sure to find something to enjoy!’ I wasn’t told that by the time I got here the price of the facilities would’ve gone up by 137% which would price me out of the facilities. Students have to protest against this.”

13/10/08 – Press Release: Billions for the bankers, where’s the money for education? 

To download the press release click here.

Students at Queen’s University Belfast and University of Ulster will be protesting against the governments intentions to raise the cap on fees. A scheduled review of university fees is due in 2009. Already Manchester, Exeter and Southampton universities are budgeting for fees of £6,000 a year.


So far figures between £5-10,000 a year have been anticipated by the Higher Education Policy Institute and a number of Vice-Chancellors. This week the bankers responsible for the present financial crisis are being bailed out while the Treasury announces the part nationalisation of the 3 banks to the tune of £37 billion!


Daniel Waldron from the Socialist Society in Queen’s University Belfast said, “If they have money to bail out fat cats the money is there to properly fund not just education but health, public services and publicly owned energy utilities. The concept of the uncontrolled free market has proven to be disastrous in the banking sector why do they want to force it on higher education?


“We have called Thursday’s protest as part of the Campaign to Defeat Fees which is organising protests across England and Wales. This is the start of a campaign in the run up to the review to not only stop the cap being lifted but to scrap fees completely.  


“I would encourage everyone not just students but also workers within education to get involved and come along on Thursday and any future protests.” 

 07/10/08 – Freshers Report:

Queen’s Socialist Society Fresher’s stall got a brilliant response from students searching for a socialist alternative. Our leaflets entitled ‘Capitalism in Crisis’ captured the mood of many students who are following the catastrophe taking place in the financial markets. Throughout the day 55 people applied to join the Socialist Society.


Socialist Society in conjunction with the Campaign to Defeat Fees will be protesting against fees on the 16th October. Many students, already drowning in debt said they would be coming along to the protest.


In the coming weeks the Socialist Society will be having meetings on important issues such the crisis in capitalism with Peter Hadden (Regional Secretary of the Socialist Party) debating an economic lecturer in Queen’s. After Iris Robinson’s comments we will be holding a forum on how to fight homophobia with the LGBT society at QUB.

25/04/08 – QUB fees to hit £10,000 a year!


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