Public Meeting – How we can fight fees?

30 11 2008




















Campaign to Defeat Fees – Initiated by the Socialist Society

“How can we defeat fees?”

1pm Wed 3rd Dec
Room 301, PFC

Laura Fitzgerald, Free Education for Everyone (FEE) Activist. Laura was involved in building and mobilising for the massive student demonstrations in Dublin in the past few months.

Daniel Waldron, Secretary of the Socialist Society in Queen’s. Daniel has been campaigning against fees in QUB for the past three years.


Join SU’s and NUS-USI protests against fees

30 11 2008

Tuesday 2nd December

QUB – 1pm, Outside the Students’ Union (Opposite the Lanyon Building)

UUSU Coleraine – 12.30pm, Outside the Students’ Union

UUSU J’town – 12.30pm, Outside the Main Entrance to UU

UUSU Belfast – 12.30pm, Outside the Main University Entrance

UUSU Magee – 12.30pm, Outside the Students’ Union

NUS-USI Protest – 3pm, Oitside the Deaprtment for Employment and Learning
Adelaide St (Behind City Hall)

Download the Socialist Society leaflet by clicking here.

Coleraine Socialist Society – Public Meeting

20 11 2008

Obama PosterFor more information contact Paddy at 07876146473.

QUB Socialist Society Meeting

16 11 2008


US – Obama wins – neo-cons routed

5 11 2008

New struggles lie ahead

Tony Saunois (CWI)

The overwhelming victory for Barack Obama in the US Presidential elections and the major gains scored by the Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives represent a turning point for the USA. At the time of writing it appears Obama has won over 52.3% of the popular vote and more than 62 million votes. The massive increase in turnout – which at the time of writing is estimated to have reached 64% – with the dramatic increase in registration and votes from Afro- Americans, Latinos and young people represent a crushing condemnation of Bush and the neo-cons as well as a generalised, if incoherent demand for ‘change’ amongst the mass of the US population.

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