University of Ulster

Scrap the Political Protocol

Ciaran O’Neill, UU Coleraine Socialist Society


University of Ulster’s political protocol cuts across student’s right to speak and organise. The protocol says that, ‘political leaflets … may not be displayed outside the closed environment.’ This in effect means students are not allowed to politically organise and could be ‘sanctioned’ by the union if they do!


The Students Union justifies this by saying they want to create ‘a politically neutral environment’. The creation of a ‘politically neutral environment’ is simply nonsense. Even organising a protest against fees, which the union did in December last year, was a political action. This ban is completely unworkable.


The nervousness of the students union about sectarian material being distributed is understandable. However burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the problem will only make it worse. The Socialist Society campaigns to overturn the political protocol and defend student’s rights.

Fresher’ Reports:

Demariea Mallon – Off to a good start in Coleraine
As the only group on campus organising political meetings we were unsure of the reception we would get from the latest group of young minds, the doubts however were unfounded, as we had much interest
in the stall, with many people asking questions on socialism including our views and standpoint on many important issues, mainly fees and current economic issues.


With 26 people signing up we are hoping to have a large active group this year. In order to achieve this we are organising meetings off campus, closer to the student areas, making them more accessible. Also following the turnout last year, we are organising showings of movies which are relevant to the current issues facing students and the world in general.


Paddy Meehan – Socialist Society defying political ban at Jordanstown
Socialist Society members intervened into the Jordanstown Freshers’ Fair, despite attempts to stop political activity by imposing the Union’s Political Protocol.

This year Socialist Society members will be setting up the society officially on campus and will challenge the attempts of the Student’s Union to silence students’ voices. 





No Canteen Closures at Jordanstown

It seems that the forces of capitalism are at voraciously at work within the University of Ulster – the staff and student canteens at Jordanstown are to be closed, with the loss of 50 jobs. The proposed closure of Bentra and Antrim canteens is to make way for private eateries such as The Streat and O’Brien’s that already occupy space on the campus and possibly the American sandwich franchise – Subway.



By Danny Donnelly – UU Socialist Society, Coleraine


This is blatantly an attempt to privatise another corner of the lucrative student market and another sop to big business by the University.

Students, especially the 500 or so who live on campus, and staff will be forced to pay extortionate prices for their meals rather than the reasonable rates offered by the canteens for good nutritious food. International students particularly who can spend most of their year on site will be unable to get a proper meal at the University and will be forced to fork out for junk food.


Sadly this is just another reflection of the disregard and outright disdain that the University seems to have for the students and its staff.

Angry students and staff have formed a protest group which is currently in the process of organising meetings. Trade Unions Amicus, Unison and Unite have all voiced their opposition to this attempt at enforced privatisation and there is a lot of support among the students and staff. The University of Ulster Socialist Society has met with an organiser of the campaign and has pledged support in the struggle ahead.

Contact University of Ulster Socialist Society –


















UU highest drop out rate



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