Open Letter to QUBSU Executive in Wake of Browne Report

13 10 2010


Fight for free education


– Scrap the Browne Report! FOR FREE EDUCATION!

– Build a demonstration on 10th November!

– For a democratic campaign of students and workers!

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The Gown: Joe Higgins MEP makes the case for socialism at QUB

5 10 2010

Joe Higgins MEP Speaks at QUB

On the same day as the Irish government’s announcement that the total cost of bailing out Anglo Irish Bank could reach €34bn (£29bn), Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, Joe Higgins, spoke at Queen’s University on the case for socialism. Higgins said the Irish government and working people face a “stark reality” in the coming months if they are to recover from the current financial crisis. The solidarity of citizens and mobilisation of youth must force an entirely different approach in Ireland.

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