SCRAP FEES – Join the Day of Action against Fees

23 09 2008

Students in third level education have never had it as bad as today. Faced with crippling tuition fees, mountains of debt, low pay and poor housing, it is no wonder more and more are opting out of university.


Since 1998, students have faced tuition fees and student loans, leaving them with average debts of over £12,000 upon graduation. This system, far from making higher education more accessible, has seriously disadvantaged students from poorer backgrounds. Students from more affluent families can afford to take out smaller loans and get more help with paying their debt off.

For details on the Day of Action please click below:


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Public Meeting – After 8 years of Bush, Is Obama a real alternative?

17 09 2008


After 8 years of Bush…

Is Obama a real alternative?

Speakers from Socialist Society and Socialist Youth

Meeting details
Queen’s: 1.30pm Thurs 2nd Oct,
Room 301, Peter Froggat Centre

Coleraine: SU Building,
Details to be confirmed

For more information please contact Daniel at 07821058319

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Environmental Destruction, War, Terror, Poverty … Fight for a socialist world

5 09 2008

Our world is in crisis! Globally, 25,000 die every from malnutrition when enough food is produced for everyone on our planet. Sub-Saharan Africa is being swept with an AIDS pandemic, with hundreds of millions dying or at risk with little protection or treatment. 2.8 billion people live on less than $2/day, while multinational corporations are recording record-breaking, obscene profits.


Danial Waldron, QUB Socialist Society


Download the leaflet here

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