Iceland – Students make their voice heard in Reykjavik

30 01 2009

CWI speaks to left-wing students in country devastated by capitalist crisis.

Kristofer Lundberg, Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna (Committee for a Workers’ International  in Sweden)


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NUS leadership severs links with students

27 01 2009

Wes Streeting, President of NUS

Wes Streeting, President of NUS








Build a mass movement for free education

The NUS extraordinary conference on January 20 in Wolverhampton saw the culmination of a campaign by the NUS (National Union of Students) right wing leadership, many of whom are Labour party members, to remove democratic structures in the national student body. This is taking place at a time when students are being threatened with a big increase in tuition fees, but the priority of the NUS leadership is to destroy their own union’s democracy, rather than to fight in students’ interests.

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NO Welcome for US Consulate representatives

20 01 2009


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Gaza – War is not the route to peace

19 01 2009

The following is an article by former  TD (Irish MP) Joe Higgins, a well-known Socialist Party campaigner in Ireland, who writes a weekly column in the Irish Daily Mail

Capitalist regimes unable to provide peace and stability

Joe Higgins, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland), from the Irish Daily Mail, 7 January

Since December 27th, the Israeli Defence Forces have killed at least 560 Palestinians in Gaza, mostly civilians. Hamas rockets have killed 4 Israeli civilians. In much of the media this is called a war. It should be called a massacre. On new Year’s Day the Israelis dropped a bomb on the home of Nisar Rayan, a Hamas leader. It killed him. It also killed several women and children in his family. The Israeli Government calls this a targeted assassination. It should be called a war crime.

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Send an e-mail/phone call of protest to Queen’s asking them to cancel the event.

18 01 2009

Their contact details are as follows:
Peter Gregson, Vice-chancellor QUB
Phone:                028 90 975137        

Ciaran Helferty, QUB Students Union President
Phone:                028 9097 3106        

Protest against US Envoy’s invitation to Queen’s Students Union

18 01 2009

3pm Tuesday 20th January 2009,

Outside Queen’s Students Union Building


– Socialist Youth and Queen’s Socialist Society call on QUB and the Students’ Union to withdraw their invitation to US consulate representatives.


Socialist Youth and Queen’s Socialist Society have called a protest against the invitation of the US envoy to a reception to be held on Tuesday to coincide with the inauguration of incoming US President Barak Obama.


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Protest – Stop US complicity in the slaughter in Gaza

16 01 2009

US Envoy to visit the Queen’s University Belfast

End US compliticity in the killings of +1,000 Gazans

Assemble: 3pmTuesday 20th January 
Oustide Students Union Building 

Download the poster and put up in your window.

To get involved in building for the protest contact Paddy at 07876146473

More details to follow