NO Welcome for US Consulate representatives

20 01 2009


20 students and workers braved the cold and rain on Tuesday 20th January to protest the invitation of US Consulate representatives to Queen’s University Belfast Students Union.


Members of the Socialist Society and Socialist Youth organised the protest at short notice after an e-mail from the Students Union stated that representatives of the US Consulate would be attending an event organised in the union. The US diplomats in Belfast are representatives of the US administration that has given its support, both politically and militarily, to the slaughter in Gaza.


After approaching the Students’ Union Executive refused to withdraw the nomination the Socialist Society organised collected a petition on campus. We received a lot of support from students angry that their union was being used to host war criminals. While campaigning Socialist Society activists were targeted by plain clothes police who had been in the students union. On the day of the protest there was an unnecessarily large police presence and activists were stopped by traffic police and had all their names taken for absolutely no reason.  


The Socialist Society will be following up the incident of police operating out of our Students Union without permission and demand a full investigation.




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