Protest against US Envoy’s invitation to Queen’s Students Union

18 01 2009

3pm Tuesday 20th January 2009,

Outside Queen’s Students Union Building


– Socialist Youth and Queen’s Socialist Society call on QUB and the Students’ Union to withdraw their invitation to US consulate representatives.


Socialist Youth and Queen’s Socialist Society have called a protest against the invitation of the US envoy to a reception to be held on Tuesday to coincide with the inauguration of incoming US President Barak Obama.



According to spokesperson, Paddy Meehan, the protest has been called because “of US support for the Israeli invasion and bombing of Gaza which has resulted in over 1000 deaths so far and the continuing opposition of Iraq.


Mr Meehan stated “The weapons being used by the Israeli state have been supplied by the US regime making them just as responsible for the carnage in Gaza. The high tech weapons used by the Israeli regime to rain bombs down on Gaza requires US maintenance, without which the Israeli air force would be grounded.


“Students are shocked that QUB and our students union have invited representatives of the US government as guests in the students union at a time when over 1,000 people have been killed in Gaza by their weapons.   


“We are demanding that the University International Office and the Union withdraw their invitation and we will be protesting to show our opposition and solidarity with the people of Gaza. The protest is being supported by trade unionists and anti-war activists.”




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