Environmental Destruction, War, Terror, Poverty … Fight for a socialist world

5 09 2008

Our world is in crisis! Globally, 25,000 die every from malnutrition when enough food is produced for everyone on our planet. Sub-Saharan Africa is being swept with an AIDS pandemic, with hundreds of millions dying or at risk with little protection or treatment. 2.8 billion people live on less than $2/day, while multinational corporations are recording record-breaking, obscene profits.


Danial Waldron, QUB Socialist Society


Download the leaflet here


The problems facing humanity today are symptoms of the capitalist system. There has never existed as much wealth in our world as today, but it is in the hands of a tiny elf-interested elite.


Imperialist Nightmare in the Middle East

The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have brought carnage and death to these countries. These wars were about asserting Western imperialism’s dominance and opening up the region’s resources to big business. Companies like Haliburton have made trillions off the suffering of the Iraqi people!


The poverty and desperation created by the occupation of Iraq has laid the basis for the sectarian conflict now ravaging the country. Only the Iraqi people themselves can find a way out of this conflict.


Environmental Destruction

Humanity is threatened by the effects of global warming. Already we are seeing small example of what climate change will bring, as with the recent flooding in England. The melting of the polar ice caps would displace millions of people from their homes.


Even the Kyoto Agreement’s insufficient targets won’t be met. CO2 emissions have increased by 3.7% under New Labour. Capitalist governments are unwilling to take serious action against the real environmental offenders: big business!


Northern Ireland- Workers’ Unity Against Sectarianism

29% of children grow up in poverty and wages are significantly lower than the South or in Britain. New Labour are implementing massive cuts and privatisations in our public services. The government and bosses are trying to drag down wages in the interest of profit, with Gordon Brown proposing a cut in the minimum wage here to £4.85.


These policies will be continued by the Assembly. All the main parties are united when it comes to implementing neo-liberal attacks on the working class. At the same time, our society is becoming more segregated as sectarianism increases. A new party is needed to represent and unite working class and young people from both sides of the community.


Socialist Alternative

While capitalism brings destruction and inequality, it also creates resistance. Across the world, people are fighting back against the attacks of big business and their cronies in government. In Latin America, the mass movements that have taken place have radicalised millions who are now struggling for socialism as an alternative to the insane system of capitalism.


The movement in France against the CPE, a draconian youth employment law, saw occupations of universities and mass student demonstrations, which gained the support of the working class and forced the government back. This shows the key role students and young people can play.


Socialists are committed campaigners on a wide range of issues. However, the representatives of capitalism will always try to claw back any concessions won. Thus, we want to take the power and wealth out of the hands of the billionaires and put it under the democratic control of the billions, to create a world free from poverty, war, racism and environmental destruction.


If you agree with this struggle, join the Socialist Society today!




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